“Time and again Wendy has given me insight which, as the situation has unfolded, has proven to be correct. Wendy has helped me immeasurably to proceed successfully with my business decisions. She has explained what

the other party has been planning, just like getting insider information, so that I have been able to avoid potential pitfalls and take

advantage of opportunities.”- Phil C, business owner

“Wendy doesn’t know it yet, but something she said happened the other day and when she predicted it in my reading, all I could think was - no way. But she was right!” - Kerry

“Thank you for your sharp and clear insights!”  Lots of light, Sara


(from a student)  “The class has brought something exciting as well as fulfilling into my life.  I have done three readings, I was nervous, but felt comfortable.”  Jackie


“Thank you for helping my inner garden grow into a sanctuary for my soul!”  Elaine

“Thanks for your God-sent gift and your wonderful personality in guiding me since 1998.  I know - right - almost 10 years.  Thank you for everything!”  Love, Kelly


“I felt like you were in my head.”  Renee


“First of all, you are great.  You are so right on, you know the innermost secrets, words cannot describe correctly how I feel but you have my highest compliments. Love it!”  Charlie

Dear Wendy:

Thanks for doing this reading.  You always help me to feel better about the things I ask you.  It's very comforting to know what is going on so I can have information to make informed decisions. 

You are a wonderful friend with a special gift.  I really appreciate you and your personal wisdom - beyond the tarot.  May the white light always protect you.

Thanks and hugs, Sharon

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